Welcome to the ministry of Grace for the Heart!


I am grateful that you would be interested in this ministry and in the topic of God’s grace.  I am grateful that this ministry is touching lives around the world and bringing a message that will encourage hearts in a new way.

 So what’s in a name?  As the concepts of this ministry developed over the past few years, I became increasingly aware that the real issues for most of us are issues of the heart.  We are “heart people” whether we know it or not.  Our culture certainly reveals the truth.  Consider the issues of the day.  Whether you are talking about divorce, pornography, homosexuality, abortion, or gambling; you are speaking of heart issues.  Even in the church we struggle with things like music, authority, or comparisons… all issues of the heart. 

 James, in chapter four, acknowledges that the cause of strife in our lives is our desire, particularly unfulfilled desires.  We struggle to fill those desires but fail because we look in the wrong places.  We think we can fill the needs of our hearts through power or privilege or respect, but they are only filled through the grace of God.  And, when we do think of God, we ask for the wrong thing. 

 So many Christians have denied their heart needs.  They have made their faith into a system of mechanics and academics.  They create formulas and rituals that will, according to their system, guarantee spiritual progress.  Never mind that the formulas don’t work.  That’s just a signal to come up with different formulas. 

 Yet, sometimes the truth is revealed that formulas and rituals are not the answer.  The heart needs a person… another heart with which to connect.  The one true Heart, the One who loves beyond all understanding, is God Himself.  He has come to us in the Person of Jesus to show us His love and to invite us into a full and real relationship with Him.  This is the Grace of God for us.  He has reached out to us.  He has taken the initiative and He has done the work, all so we can live in relationship with Him forever.

 So, we have come to understand the truth of our lives and the truth of the gospel… that Jesus is God’s grace for the heart.  The heart of the believer needs Jesus, not in idea or system but, in Person.  The heart of the unbeliever needs this message from God’s people, the message of love and grace, rather than another system by which to fail. 

 This is our ministry, to proclaim the grace of God in Jesus!  This is Grace for the Heart!  Visit our website at www.gracefortheheart.org

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