I teach about Narcissism.  Unfortunately, it’s because I have experience with narcissists.  Unless they need something from you, these aren’t very nice people.  They are able to manipulate, deceive, and compromise others with amazing skill.  If you have ever had someone take credit for work you did, or try to control your life with comments and criticisms, or step in front of you at a moment when you were about to receive praise; you have probably met a narcissist.

I will write more about narcissism later and answer questions as they come.  My note for today is about teaching on narcissism.  One of the first times I taught on the subject, a man in the class (I’ll call him Mark) was simply overwhelmed.  He finally understood his former boss.  Mark’s boss had almost convinced him that he was incompetent, disloyal, and ungrateful.  Mark was beat-up and depressed from working with this guy.  Finally, he was out from under the boss’s control, but he was still under the influence of his words.  When Mark heard the teaching about narcissism, he finally understood how one person could be so cruel, so petty, and so controlling.  His boss really did believe that it was all about him!

Well, last night I taught on the subject again and this time it was a couple of the women.  One said that her dad was a narcissist.  The other was in the process of divorcing a narcissist.  Both felt that God was bringing this teaching to their hearts to set them free from the guilt and confusion life with a narcissist had caused. 

From time to time I will be sharing thoughts on narcissism here.  They might seem a little out of sync with my regular teaching on grace, but they really do connect.  Narcissism is all about me.  Grace is all about God.  The struggle to project a positive spiritual image has led many people to the bondage of performance spirituality.  In the process, they have become or have revealed themselves to be narcissists. 

So, watch for more or ask for more!

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