A Scandalous Freedom – Steve Brown

I had a couple of people suggest that I review this book and I am glad they did.  Brown hooks the reader in the first chapter with his emphasis on “free means free.”  He says, “if that freedom doesn’t include the freedom not to obey, then it isn’t real freedom.” (p.9) To all those who challenge the grace message concerning condemnation of sin, Brown bluntly admits that God allows us to sin but offers us a better way. 

Brown is pointed and some won’t like reading this book.  He challenges the evangelical who has placed God in a box where He is supposed to focus His heart only on our sin.  Brown reveals the uncomfortable truth that we all still struggle against sin and admits “none of us is probably going to get a whole lot better – and yet Jesus is still fond of us.” (68)

This is a good book, well worth your time.  Brown is pointed, plain, and profound – and it may feel like a little too much of each.  But read it anyway and give it to your friends.

The chapter on pain is worth the price of the book.


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