End of Lost

These have been very busy days for our family, getting ready for our annual pilgrimage to Minnesota and participating in a graduation celebration for one of our boys.  Good days, but really busy. 

However, I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on the end of Lost, the TV series.  We were a little disappointed.  We live in a culture that truly wants Heaven and an eternally good future, but which rejects Jesus.  You can’t have one without the other.  The same book that tells us of the wonders and privileges of Heaven also tells us the only way to get there. 

No, it wouldn’t be Heaven without Jesus.  It wouldn’t be enough just to have a beautiful location forever.  It wouldn’t be enough to be reunited with friends and family.  It wouldn’t be enough to have plenty of food and time for rest.  There would have to be something much more for it to be Heaven.

You see, our hearts need the acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love that only Jesus gives.  We need a person who knows us in every way and still welcomes us into His presence.  We need Him, as a person, as a lover. 

I grieve for those who look forward to some kind of eternity apart from faith in Jesus.  They will find that they have been deceived. 


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