God’s Extravagance

Sorry for the gap in posts! Our family is in Minnesota right now, enjoying the abundance of nature. Just last night we looked out our window to see a bobcat standing on our bridge looking at the house. We all got to see it as it posed for us. The amazing thing is that all of this wonder goes on whether there is someone to see it or not.

It is almost beyond belief to realize that there are beautiful flowers, whole fields of them, that bloom and shine and fade with no one to see them. Little animals play and interact where no human treads. Butterflies and moths emerge in glorious color to live only a short time. Birds clothed in colors we have only recently been able to reproduce fly unseen in the forests around the world. Someone has wisely noted that God’s creativity is marvelously extravagant.

Is it any wonder that His love for us is so great? He knows every sparrow, every mouse, every mosquito. But He loves us! He calls us by name. Forgiveness is not a hard decision for Him. Patience comes easily to Him. Kindness from His hand is far more abundant than the beauties of nature. He loves us!

That’s what grace is all about.



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One response to “God’s Extravagance

  1. dombeck

    So very nice. Remebering to see the beauty on this windy prairie. I feel blessed.

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