There was a context for this paragraph, in the course of an email counseling exchange, but I thought this short excerpt might be of encouragement to someone.

I am not a psychologist, but I know that OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder) is a desire to control life, usually because of deep fear.  It makes sense to me that legalism would lead to that kind of fear.  And, sadly, it makes sense that legalists would use those fears to try to control us.  We are taught that everything in our lives must be controlled or else we will be controlled by those things.  The truth is that we control nothing.  We were made to be dependent on  our Lord and we must learn to walk in faith with Jesus.  Remember His call?  Follow Me.  He didn’t say where He was going or what He was going to do, just that we should follow Him.  As we walk with Him, we learn that the rest of life isn’t quite so frightening or even so dangerous.  In fact, the more we walk with Him, the more we learn to relax and enjoy life. 



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3 responses to “OCD?

  1. Cecilia K

    I understand that we cannot control our outside circumstances, but are you also including things like our thoughts, attitudes, actions, etc., in that “locus of control” that’s outside of ourselves? How does your post relate to those things? Would you say that as we learn to walk in faith and follow the Lord as He intends, He’ll more naturally teach us to control those things?

  2. Joni Walter

    are people with ocd consider narcissitic?

    • This post was written before I started writing on narcissism. It was posted as an observation in the context of some communication I had and is meant to be words of encouragement. No, nothing to do with narcissism.

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