Why America Prospers

Yesterday a mom was interviewed on the news.  Shayne Moore wants to change the world. 


The link is an ad for her book, rather than a news clip, but you get the idea.   Great!  There’s a lot of suffering that most of us know little or nothing about and if her book, Global Soccer Mom, can alert us to need that we can help, that’s good.  I truly hope she makes a difference. 

But then she explained her way of thinking.  She said that the only reason she wasn’t suffering and trying to get by on a dollar a day was because she “happened to be born in the right place”.  Oops!

How easily we forget the faith that guided those who went before us.  How easily we forget the sacrifice and the principles by which they lived.  I enjoy the life I live today, not because of the accident of my birth, but because my ancestors sought a freedom and prosperity they believed possible through Christian ideals.  The leaders of this nation once believed the teachings of the Bible and built a nation that attempted to conform to those teachings.  From those teachings come the valuing of human life, the ideas of private ownership and opportunity, and the willingness to make sacrifices for neighbors.  This is why we live in a prosperous nation and we ought not to forget. 

God, by His grace, told us how to live with one another.  If we do what He says, the blessing He has for us follows.  To love, to value others, to believe that something better is possible—these are Christian principles.


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