No Condemnation!

Maybe I need to stay off the Internet.  I follow several blogs and sometimes jump from link to link and I am continually amazed at how much is out there.  Today I followed a link to a youtube video where a man talked homosexuals going to hell and used the recent suicide of a young man to support his point.  It was disgusting and, no, I am not going to give you the link.  From there I went to another video.  This time it was an expose on Peter Popoff, who makes huge profits on his healing ministry and was outted a few years ago as a scam artist.  These things keep my blood flowing, I guess.

Listen, no one goes to hell because he or she is gay.  That’s simple.  In fact, there is no particular sin that sends a person to hell.  Those who arrive in hell do so because of a continued state of unbelief.  The message of the Scripture is that all are on their way to hell because of their brokenness and sinful condition.  Jesus came to rescue anyone from hell: homosexuals, prostitutes, politicians, even shyster preachers. 

Somewhere some people got the idea that the gospel is bad news.  Condemnation, guilt, shame: these have become weapons for the cause of Christ.  But no one is saved by condemnation or guilt.  We are saved by the love of God in Jesus.  Condemnation is the natural state for all who remain under sin; who have not been rescued by Jesus.  It isn’t something for Christians to enjoy or employ.  It should cause us grief.

Jesus looked on Jerusalem and wept because He knew of the unbelief of the people.  He reached out to the prostitute and the tax-collector.  Today, He would reach out to the homosexual and the drug addict and I wonder if He wouldn’t weep when He looked at some churches. 

Yes, homosexuality is a sin.  That’s all it is.  And it hurts people.  We don’t have to support it in any way.  But we do have to care about those who are caught in it.  Several young people have killed themselves recently because of the conflict in their hearts related to homosexuality.  We ought to grieve for them and for their families. 

Be kind.  Love others—especially those who are not like you.  Don’t judge or condemn them.  Tell them of Jesus and His love.  Walk with them and show them the way to Him.

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