Resting and Working


Some time ago I had reason to counsel a friend concerning rest:

I think that resting means not worrying, rather than not working.   We were made to take action, to make decisions.  Obviously we should seek His will first, but then we have to do something.  I don’t see a lot of waiting in the Bible.  I see a lot of acting.  But I think, under grace, that the acting is different.

  1.  We commit to leave the result to Him.
  2. Even in the middle of our questioning, we trust that He is leading.
  3. We already know that our flesh and our weakness get in the way, so we move ahead believing that He will direct and re-direct as necessary. 
  4. When we succeed, He gets the glory.  When we fail, we trust that He is glorified even in that. 
  5. We know that the initiative, the strength, the wisdom, the heart—all have to be His if the work means anything. . . and that’s okay with us.

So, resting in the Lord, for me, looks almost the same as work – except for the fussing.  If I have to make a decision, I seek Him and then make the decision.  I have to trust that He has led me, that He is actively involved in my life right now.  Then I have to move forward.


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3 responses to “Resting and Working

  1. my question is what is the difference between waiting and resting in the Lord?

    • Perhaps nothing. There is nothing wrong with waiting if you feel the Lord is asking you to wait. During that wait, rest. Instead of fussing or worrying or bargaining, trust that He will lead you when the time is right.

      But it is also possible to rest in the Lord while you are moving forward and doing something. Under grace, we seek Him first, trusting that the project or goal is not as important as our relationship with Him. Then we do what He lays on our hearts to do. Sometimes we know it clearly. Sometimes we know we have to do something and we trust that He is guiding our hands. Whether we understand His will clearly or not, we rest in the knowledge of His love. He will guide us. He does care about our lives. He is with us. Resting is the state of our hearts. Waiting or working is the state of our activity.

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