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How do I learn to rest in Jesus?

How do you fall asleep?  You let go.  We know that we must let go of the problems, frustrations, and work of the day in order to sleep.  The same thing is true of God’s rest.  To enjoy His rest, you have to let go.  Of what?  God specifically refers to the work.  We are to follow His example and let go of the work.  Then we will enjoy His promised rest.

There is an interesting series of verses in Colossians that you may want to check.  They tell what the Lord has done for us.

He has delivered us from darkness 1:13

He has reconciled us to God 1:21

He has made us alive 2:13

He has removed the requirements that held us back  2:14

All of this adds up to the fact that you are complete  2:10

You see, He has done it all.  You can let go and trust in what He has accomplished.  There is nothing more for you to do.  From now on you are on vacation.  As you walk with the Lord, living in His presence and enjoying Him, you will find that what you want is what He wants. 

This is just a quick answer but it gives you some verses to look at and it comes with prayer.  One more thing: ask Jesus for what you need.  Even the rest comes from Him.  Ask Him.  He loves you and wants you to rest in Him.  Tell Him that’s what you want also.

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4 responses to “More on Rest

  1. Thank you! I really enjoy your articles!

  2. graceandgiggles

    “Ask Jesus for what you need”, what a concept. A real conversation. From a broken beloved to our Savior. Oh why do we complicate it so?

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