Grace Poetry

God of Wonder, God of Power

 All praised in tones above

Worthy of eternal glory

 Yet bowed in humble love


O Lord, You bowed Yourself that day,

 At Peter’s dirty feet

And washed away the filth and stain

 He picked up on the street


But then You bowed Yourself for me

 And held Your glory in

And gave Yourself upon the cross

 To wash away my sin


And now You call me to Your side

 To love, to serve, to care

To look away from fleshly pride

 Humility to share


O awesome Servant, humble Lord,

 Your Love o’erwhelms me so

Wash me, save me, set me free,

 And never let me go!


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3 responses to “Grace Poetry

  1. I suppose I should say that I wrote this so no one has to ask where I got it. All for Jesus!

  2. That’s beautiful….

  3. graceandgiggles

    I’ve often prayed, “Don’t let me go!” A beautiful poem Dave. Thank you for sharing!

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