So, will we keep the law as we walk with the Lord?  Yes, but three caveats.  First, our obedience will still be imperfect because we are still, as the old song says, “prone to wander”.  Second, the law we keep will be His, not some list somebody made up.  I strongly believe that our walks will look very different because He relates to us individually and leads us in different ways. Third, it will be Jesus who keeps the law, not us.  His righteousness; His obedience.

Legalism cannot abide individual relationships with the Lord.  It is, almost by definition, contrary to any idea that the Lord might lead one person to do one thing and another to do differently.  Could one family be led to homeschool while another is led to work within the public system?  I think so, but many people I have known would strongly disagree.  They believe it is sin to be involved in public school.  How do they know?  Because their “law” tells them so.

I once had a man tell me that those who would just follow Jesus would “just fall into sin”.  He was strongly involved with legalism.  In his mind, a person must have a set of rules or he will simply do whatever he wants.  Obviously, I am not talking about doing whatever I want.  I am talking about walking with Jesus and I trust that He will never lead me into sin.  If I sin, it will be because I am not following or walking with Him. 

And I have to add this: when I do sin, I still know that He is with me, fully accepts me, and has already forgiven me.  I may fall and suffer temporal consequences, but even that I can place in His loving hands.  My “poor performance” does not change the fact of the relationship I have with Him and is easily washed away when I look to Him again. 

Now, as I write all of this, I realize that we all define relationship differently and experience others in our own ways.  That means that it is very difficult to tell someone how to walk with the Lord.  The temptation is to put together a list of “principles” that will lead to a walk with the Lord.  Instead, I simply point people to Jesus.  The promise of Deuteronomy 4:29 is that those who seek Him will find Him.  Paul presents the same thought in Acts 17:27.  To know the Lord is the joy and security of life.  Again, that means relationship and not just information.

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  1. Kathy

    I’m glad to have found your blog and really appreciate your thoughts, Dave. This was very good–so simple and so profound. I wish I would have been able to articulate something like this several months ago when I was angrily asked “So are there no lines (that we should follow)?” Individual walks with the Lord are too frightening for legalists to even consider.

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