Do We Have To Go To Church? 5

I remember noticing that many families, in our old church, came angry and frustrated and frazzled. The children hadn’t eaten, the parents were upset with each other, and they were hardly feeling worshipful. Most were able to put on good church faces, but some couldn’t.  Let’s face it: it can be hard to get the whole family dressed and ready for church.  Any number of things can and will go wrong.  There may be times when coming is simply a duty and there is no joy or heart motivation at all.

Now, sometimes those who plow through the obstacles receive a special blessing.  A song, a message, or maybe a kind word from a friend—these can feel so good, even after a challenging morning.  Those who find this blessing will often remind others that church attendance is worth the struggle.  Sometimes those are not helpful words.

I saw moms who were so stressed and depressed that they received nothing but negative from coming to church.  They would have done much better sending Dad and the kids and staying home to enjoy a bath or a nap or a good book. 



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2 responses to “Do We Have To Go To Church? 5

  1. Kay Martin

    Continued thanks to you in Christ, Dave. I began to send this string to my two Christian sons. I gave a book several months ago to one of them about ‘church after church’ on this same topic. He and his wife of 2 years at that point, read it together. ALL Christian families, or one Christian saint in a church, seem to have this at the heart of their relationship. I am single now, yet I was having a ‘meltdown’ all by myself for my desire to worship God with a congregation. Kay

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