It’s still about relationship

Kay wrote:  “The relationship we have with HIM is the real reason to find yourself wanting to be with others. Since the Church is His Body, He would have all of His saints to love one another within that relationship, then love and ‘draw’ the lost to HIM.”

This is so good that I just have to comment in a post. 

I believe that God is so great, so wonderful, that He knows Himself through relationship.  Without getting into the deep mystery of the Trinity, we can simply say that He has revealed Himself to us as a relationship of three Persons.  When we are told that God is Love, we get a glimpse of the fact that His essence is somehow manifested in relationship.  When Jesus told us that He and the Father are One, He simply reveals a facet of that relationship.

Because of love, He created us to share in that relationship.  Why?  I don’t know.  All I know is that it is important to Him to live in that relationship with us, that He made us for relationship.  In fact, I do not believe that the human heart can be whole and right apart from right relationships. 

So He created us for that relationship; grieved when we left that relationship (the Fall); and called us back to that relationship.  When we come to Him for relationship, He destroys anything that stands in the way and gives us His own life so that we can share fully in that relationship.

Now, if relationship is so important to our Lord, if the whole point of creation and the gospel is for us to share in that relationship with Him, then wouldn’t it be consistent for Him to invite all people to share in that same relationship?  In other words, instead of many one on one relationships with His people, He invites us to share in one great relationship with Him and with each other.  He knows each of us by name and He cares for each one of us, but He wants us to come together and live in His presence.

This is why we are allowed to see Heaven, not as some Nirvana where we are simply absorbed into the being of God but, as an eternal community of believers in the presence of their Lord.  We were not only made to be in Him, we were made to be together in Him.  We will be with other believers for eternity. 

So, the church should reflect that unity, that love, that relationship.  Next time: What should church be like?


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One response to “It’s still about relationship

  1. Kay

    Thank you again, Dave. Yesterday, I was reading ‘grace upon grace’, John 1:16. As my Lord heals my heart, my relationships INCREASE exponentially. When I forgive every foe, harm done, loss, misstep including my own, I become a beacon of Light for that Grace we all desire and have a longing. I have not experienced much change in my heart even with that hope and longing. God is taking this time to do the necessary work. The pain is immense and I am now sitting in it as He loves on me. I am setting my mind on the Spirit, and my will on His. My flesh cries out and He hears my plea. As He floods my soul with His love and speaking, I can only weep for myself and those I see/don’t see but know are harmed. Even, especially, The Church is filled with as many of these folks as sand on a beach. I am just one grain, but The Lord sees and knows my pain.

    Grace upon Grace. ALL about relationship in Christ.

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