A Prayer for the New Year

Lord Jesus, I have so much to be thankful for that it seems hard to ask you for more.  I see your blessings all around me and I know that there are many aspects of your protection and provision that I don’t even see.  So, thank you for your amazing love!

But I do have some things to ask.  Let me trust you more.  Build my faith so that I believe in your love.  In the dark days, shine your light in and through my life.  When the anxiety comes at night, let me be quick to turn to you and find my peace.  When the enemy threatens, remind me that you are with me and I am secure in your hands.  When someone hurts me, give me grace to forgive. 

As my trust in you grows, let me be more patient and kind.  Because I have nothing to prove, nothing for which I must strive, nothing which I must control—let me live in peace with myself and with others.  Because you joyfully provide all that I need, let me rest.  Because you love others as you love me, let me be accepting and compassionate.  Because you are always strong and always good, let me walk through my days without fear.

Let me embrace failure and success with the same trust and peace.  Let me find my joy in the fact that you accept me, rather than in the false hope of my competence or sufficiency.  Let me allow others to be valued on the basis of your love, rather than by the adequacy of their performance.  When others disagree with me, let me be willing to accept either my error or theirs with equal peace and kindness. 

So let this be a year in which I live as a visitor to this life, increasingly aware that this is not my true home and that I do not need to be afraid of or dependent on what this life offers.  Let me live more in that blessed garden with you, enjoying your presence and the relationship we share.  And let me tell others of the wonders of this walk, the joy of restful salvation, and the fullness of your heart toward them—so they may join us in the garden forever.

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