Strong or Weak pt 3

But there’s more: I think the weaker person is actually affected by the things he believes have power over his life.  He is drawn toward, tempted by, those things he is afraid of.  What that means is that he will be more likely to act on them, more likely to be hurt by them, than the strong person.  The strong person has no fear of those things and is, therefore, less attracted to them. 

It seems to me that it is because of this attraction that the stronger brother ought to be careful around the weaker.  The weaker brother is more open to damage and addiction, simply because he believes these things have power.  The stronger can have a glass of wine at dinner, for example, but he must remember that his weaker brother sees the alcohol quite differently.


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2 responses to “Strong or Weak pt 3

  1. Kay Martin

    I know of many addictions present in my immediate family they don’t even consciously think about….denial is a good word….or they don’t care RIGHT NOW!! Tomorrow, any of this could cost them their life, their income, their health, some important relationships, but today are giving it no thought. Yes, they are Christians. One is walking ‘fearfully’ before the Lord and is healing. As for as me, I have to walk in trembling and awe as my Father has healed and removed so much for so many years, I am learning how my Lord, Grace, now is affective in my life. “I was there; therefore, I KNOW how much it takes to shut off the fleshly way of coping even
    when one knows the damage being done.. One of the big challenges is to release that thing or person to our Powerful Almighty God. It’s something akin to walking a tight wire, but to do so you must let go of the standing pole. The Lord is not going to always pry open our fingers even when He knows how bad a thing is for us and others. Sometimes in His marvelous will, He will remove something/someone at an ‘inopportune’ because we have already given it up in trust.

  2. This is so well thought out! I’m really enjoying catching up on your blog. 🙂

    I totally agree with you, that part of the “weaker” thing is attributing power to sins or even things that aren’t necessarily sin. I remember at one point with someone and their struggle I told them “It’s just sin. That’s all it is.” It was a revelation for them because unconsciously it had been so much more.

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