The Judgment Seat of Christ?

(Tackling a subject like the events of the end times or the process of eternal judgment is a challenge.  We simply do not have all the information.  We are supposed to trust in what we have been told and in the character of the Lord who loves us.  But I will take a stab at sharing how I interpret the idea of “the judgment seat of Christ.”  Please, I know that I appear to combine the ideas of the “Great White Throne Judgment” and the “Judgment Seat of Christ” and I know that some people have spent years dissecting Scripture and designing timelines and systems for explaining all of this.  My gut tells me that we don’t know as much as we think and that the unfolding of these events will surprise all of us.  These are just some of my thought.  Fools rush in….)


 “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ”

That statement is found in 2 Corinthians 5:10.  It is the plain word of God.  Does it scare you?  Sadly, it is used in churches around the world to frighten believers into better behavior, more good works, and less sin.  Many who have been told that they are saved by the blood of Jesus have also been told that they will still be judged and may “suffer loss.”  Many believers live in fear and anxiety because of the threat of this judgment.

Yet, Paul seemed to look forward to it.  In 2 Corinthians 5, Paul writes about dying.  He knows that he has enemies and that his walk is dangerous.  He knows that he and his companions could be put to death for their message.  But, if that were to happen, he is confident in his standing with the Lord.  In fact, that is a key word in this text, “confident.”  He is “always confident,” he says.  Why?  Because the Lord has prepared him for ministry and for death.  Because the Lord has given him “the Spirit as a guarantee.”  Because he is “well known to God.”  Because he is a “new creation.”  Because God has already reconciled Paul to Himself.  And because God will not impute Paul’s sins to Paul’s account.  All of this is in the chapter.

So we learn that Christians will stand before the judgment seat of Christ, people who are truly saved.  However, like Paul, we do not have to be afraid.  Those who will be saved through eternity will already be saved before they stand at the judgment seat.


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10 responses to “The Judgment Seat of Christ?

  1. kay

    THIS is what I was talking about the other day. We take yesteryears, today and tomorrowyears out of God our Father’s hands, draw parallels, add a little (sometimes a lot) here and there and pretty soon, God is not in the discussion except as a fearsome, angry, judgmental diety…NOT God.

    Only by challenging eons-standing beliefs from religious institutions and seminaries, I can be humanly aware of the flesh to die which can be scary…BUT, I am not living in and of the flesh but IN CHRIST, so whatever fear was
    caused by my ‘time in’ denominations that raved and ranted God was going to kill me “IF” has ceased and His actual promises of Judgment are awesome. Thank you, Dave, for bringing in more reality-check.

  2. graceandgiggles

    Over the weekend I was watching a preacher on t.v. that is usually very good and I have learned a lot from him. It was this one sentence (from a sermon on money mind you) that threw me…….”When you come to the end of your life and give an account to God, you will have one regret. That you didn’t give more to God’s work……”

    Huh? Regret? I will?

    If I meet my Maker with regret, doesn’t that sublimngly say that I died unforgiven? And if I die unforgiven, doesn’t that mock the very Jesus I depend on?

    Sometimes, I wonder if I’ll ever get it! Grasp it! Trust it! And know, that I know, that I know the Truth! So not one line, not one phrse or one sermon will rock my confidence in Jesus Christ and what He did for me!

    • You are grasping it! That incredible statement by the tv preacher (besides being so self-serving) was just wrong. You caught it. That will happen more and more as you immerse yourself in the truth of God’s love.

  3. I have always viewed the Judgement Seat of Christ as God’s opportunity to show us what He has saved us from. If our sin and failures are displayed it will be a time to rejoice in the fact that our salvation through Christ has satisfied the wrath of God for the sin we are shown (2 Cor 5:21).

    God has already told us that there is NO CONDEMNATION. That’s now. Already. Here. Right now. So how can there be any in the future?

    At the judgment seat of Christ, the account we will give is that we account for our sins by our fallenness and rebellion and that we thank God for the blood of the Lamb. God will be showing us what He has done for us. It will cause us to feel no guilt knowing this fact and instead will cause us to give glory to God.

    • Walter,
      I like what you say. I have yet to be convinced that such an event will happen, but if it does it will still be to the glory of God and will be perfectly consistent with His love and forgiveness. As you suggest, the only accounting we will have to give is our loud acknowledgement of our need for a Savior. That will be followed by our loud rejoicing in the fact of our Savior.

  4. Fellow Survivor

    Lets all step back for a moment and focus on what is important. All my friends, go up to the left hand side and click 2 Corinthians 5:10. You will get a glimpse of Pastor Dave’s early writings and thoughts which are totally consistent with what he is teaching today.

  5. Fellow Survivor

    I can not speak for most of this but for certain I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I, like Paul, “am well known to God” Heck, I bother him constantly,day and night with my problems and concerns, how can he not know me?

  6. I have heard it said that a believer does stand before the judgment seat, but when God looks upon the believer, he sees only Christ’s righteousness–as if Christ himself is standing between the Father and the believer.
    If Christ isn’t there, then, whoa–I don’t wanna go. But if he’s between me and the Father, then the Judgment Seat becomes the Mercy Seat, right?

  7. SM

    While He may see Christs righteousness, Jesus did no wrong. We on the other hand are subjected to this; Col 3:25. This also is what substantiates my belief that accepting Chirst is not a get out of jail card free card. While you are forgiven, you are also accountable.

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