The Judgment Seat of Christ 6

So I think that several things will happen.  In some sense, in that great Day, the judgment/bema seat will be set up and Jesus will sit on the throne.  As described in Matthew 25, all nations (every person) will appear before Him and He will separate those who trusted in Him from those who did not.  On one hand will be those who are saved.  On the other will be those who are not.  To the former He will say, “Come!”  To the latter, He will say, “Go!” An eternal separation will be accomplished on the basis of faith expressed during the time of the body (this life).  No believer should fear this time. 

Then He will focus on us.  He will welcome us and we will understand finally that it was nothing of us that got us there—it was all Him.  We will joyfully throw everything we think we have done for Him into the fire, knowing that only what He accomplished through us will survive.  (1 Corinthians 3:9-15)  Some of what we have done will not survive.  It will burn because it will be of us.  Those times when we thought we were doing something “for Him” but really were just trying to appease our own guilt or make ourselves look good.  We will “suffer loss,” but not very much because we will give every credit to Him anyway.  That will be okay with us, because we will understand the whole truth.

On that Day, we will see the walls that flesh and sin have created fall away forever and we will understand the truth.  Those divisions between us, between believers, will be seen in the light of His truth.  There will be no Calvinists or Arminians, no legalists or liberals, no Baptists or Episcopalians.  The labels will disappear and we will love each other with His love and accept each other as He has accepted us. 

And what a Day of rejoicing that will be!


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2 responses to “The Judgment Seat of Christ 6

  1. Amen! Even if I can’t wrap my mind around this Day, I can still anticipate it with joy. Without fear.

  2. Kathy F.

    I simply cannot wait! To see Him face to face….

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