Every once in a while I feel the need to stop and define grace.  When I do that, I try not to read what I have written before.  I just want to state again, for the record, what I believe grace to be.  I usually say that grace is what God does.  It is the activity of God’s love.  Because He loves us and because we need everything, He reaches out to us and supplies it all.  That’s grace.

Understanding grace is understanding our need and His love.  Living in grace is embracing our need and accepting His love.  Showing grace to others is admitting that we can never be better than they are and that the Lord who is so generous in love toward us loves them just the same.   

Grace is not just being kind to others, although God’s grace moves our hearts toward kindness.  Grace is not just forgiving others, although God’s grace permits us to forgive.  We have allowed our definitions of grace to be limited to the effects of grace.  Grace is more than a list of symptoms.  Grace is real and good and big.  Grace is as big as the heart of God. 

In fact, the best place or way for us to see grace is to look to Jesus.  He is God, in human flesh, reaching out in love to supply that which we could not supply for ourselves.  Jesus is the activity of the love of God.   Jesus is God’s grace for our hearts.

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  1. Kay

    Only since true grace has been validated by Jesus in my life can I truly extend Grace toward others. This has been a truly amazing turn from my own trying to ???, whatever, and Him
    doing the work of His Son, Grace upon Grace. Peace as I’ve rarely known for more than a few hours has become as angels singing over me and has become the Reason and Purpose for my living.

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