Start the week with right thinking!

The young lady who wrote to me expressed her feelings of inadequacy and her drive toward perfectionism.  Here, in part, is what I wrote to her . . .


. . .  it is very important that we understand the truth about what God has done for us through Jesus.  It is important for us to understand that Jesus is our Life and that He has provided all that we need for salvation, sanctification, and glorification.  Our salvation is a “done deal” because of His love.  I appreciate so much the various teachers you mentioned.  Ian Thomas’ ministry has meant a great deal to me.  I have met him and his son and have grown from his message.  But there’s something more than just right teaching.

Jesus is a real Person and He loves you, just you all by yourself.  If there were no one else in the world, He would have come for you.  He knows your name and He hears your prayers.  When we say that Jesus is our Life (as in Gal. 2:20, the “heart” verse of this ministry) that means that He is your life.  The life in you is Jesus.  You get up in the morning with Jesus and you go through your day in His presence.  He is never separate from you.  Even when you sleep He is with you. 

Think about what that means.  He is God and He doesn’t have to do anything.  He chooses to be with you.  Why?  Because He loves you!  He has loved you from the foundation of the world, with an “everlasting love”.  There is no one in this world He loves more than you. 

Sure, but what about those sins?  Doesn’t that make Him love you less?  He went to the cross in order to rescue you from the effect of those sins.  He hates your sin, that’s true, but only because sin hurts you.  You have probably heard this before but, when Jesus went to the cross all of your sins were future.  He knew all the sins you would do in your life, even those you would do after becoming a Christian, and He still went to the cross for you.  He knows all about those sins . . . and they don’t affect His love at all. 

Sin is not the problem for you.  That has no effect on your acceptability in God’s heart.  If it did, no one could ever be saved.  No, I would suggest that the problem is understanding that Jesus is a real Person and that He loves truly and personally.  That’s the problem for so many people.  He is not just an idea, no matter how good.  In fact, I think that’s the real reason God became a man in the person of Jesus.  He wanted us to understand that He is a Person, too.  He made us as persons, with hearts and spirits, and He made us in His image. 

You see?  God wants you to walk with Him, all day – every day.  He wants you to know that He loves you.  I believe this is why He lets you cry in the middle of the night, so that you will seek His heart and find Him as a real Person. 

My prayer for you is that, just as you suddenly and wonderfully realized that Jesus is God, you will now wonderfully understand that He is a real Person who loves you and is alive in you.  There is no longer any question of whether you are acceptable to Him.  He has proven that by His actions.  Let go of the years of working and striving for acceptance.  Let go of the broken definitions.  No “buts”; no “if onlys”; no “I don’t knows”.  Let the Spirit of God’s love fill your heart with that amazing knowledge of Him.

In fact, ask Him to do just that.  Tell Him that you believe all of these things.  That you know that He is a real Person and that He truly loves you and that you want to live and work and play in His presence – with Him as your very best Friend.  Believe me, that’s just what He wants!

Love your comments!

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  1. Kay

    Thank you, Dave, again and again and …..Trust (faith, belief) that God is Who He says He is and I am who He says I am has been the root of my Christian-life “failure”. I failed Him, failed me, failed my children, etc. He knew I would fail when He went to The Cross. He knows He won’t. I have after 50+ years “being” a Christian and just in the last year have seen really Who He is, who I am. I still trip, fall, pick myself up, go again BUT He has been, is and will forever be INSIDE me, changing my desires/ wants/have to’s to His will alone. Jesus waits on me getting to the end of myself, but He never gives up on me. I have done all the ‘outside’ fixin’ to make me look like a Christian, act like a Christian, etc. I was good at it until I saw Him, believed Him, love Him loving me. I now can live His Life as He has always intended from the start of the World…successfully IN HIM, BY HIM, FOR HIM. The closer to Christ I draw, the less I see ‘me’. I can ‘see’ and feel my emotion, mind and will leaning on the Lord’s chest as John the Apostle. That trust in God’s choices for my little world has brought me the greatest Peace (Jesus) I’ve known in half a century.

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