Where is Jesus?

 Jesus is alive and well.  He is where you are.  I have long been of the opinion that most of the Christian community isn’t so sure of that.  If you ask a Sunday School child where Jesus is, you will probably hear that He is in Heaven.  Where is Heaven?  Far away from here, that’s for sure.  So Jesus is far away.  The sad thing is that you will probably hear the same thing from an adult believer. 

But even those who believe Jesus is with us often say things like, “He is in my heart.”  It is interesting that we use the same expression to refer to the memory of someone who has died.  “She is alive in our hearts.”  But does that mean anything?  Does it mean anything real?  I hold the memory of my parents in my heart and I think of them often, but they are not here when I think I need them.  I wish I could talk with them and get their response, but I can’t.  Not really. 

No, it is not enough to say that Jesus is in Heaven.  Nor is it enough to say that He is in our hearts.  Jesus is real!  He is here!  He is with you right now and always.

Well, you say, I wish He would show Himself sometimes.  Yeah, me too.  But just because I can’t see Him or feel Him doesn’t mean that He isn’t here.  He has promised to be with us always (Matthew 28:20).  God is with us.  He dwells with us, stays with us, always (Revelation 21:3).  Jesus is here.

I have a couple of pet peeves. 😉 One is when the preacher or worship leader tells us that God “showed up” at a certain gathering.  Maybe you showed up or woke up, but God was already there.  The other is the poem, “He has no hands but our hands to do His work today.”  What nonsense!  If Jesus has no hands, no ability, to do His work apart from us, then He is weak indeed.  Not true! 

Wherever you are, Jesus is there.  He loves you.  He never leaves you (Hebrews 13:5). 

Sometimes people ask me how to walk with Jesus.  The truth is that those who belong to Him never walk apart from Him.  They just have to open their eyes and hearts.  He is already where you are.  Believe that you are always in the presence of Jesus.  Talk with Him.  Live in the presence of His love.



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4 responses to “Where is Jesus?

  1. Kay

    I’ve been spelling this out to an elder friend. She says she prays all the time….yet no answer is forthcoming. Her belief of Who God/Jesus Christ/Holy Spirit are very suspect at this point. THAT I believe is one of many wrong beliefs that weakens the Church. It weakened me for years as I would stick my finger “up” toward the sky when speaking of God/Jesus resurrected. There is a huge difference between God being omnipresent in our lives and our “feeling” His presence. THAT is when I knew I was needing Him more than ‘things’ or even people…when I was too busy to communicate (pray) my love and need for Him, His presence sense.

  2. Grace

    I tried to find a convincing answer to the question “Where is Jesus?”. Jesus is in Heaven. Jesus is being with us, or Jesus dwells in us. I think both of the answers are correct, because Bible says so. But putting them together, I still don’t think they make sense. How can Jesus be so far away, and close to me at the same time?

    There are so many questions like this baffling me these days. I can’t go with the answers from what people have said. I need to find real evidence in Bible.

    Do you have deeper explanation on where Jesus is?

    With a humble heart,

    • Grace, you have asked a very practical question, one that leads us into some of the deepest mysteries of theology. I believe that Jesus is God, that He has all the attributes and character of God, and that, because He is God, Jesus can be with us and in Heaven at the same time. That is a simple answer to give, but not a simple one to understand. The doctrine we call omnipresence is a particular challenge to those who live in a physical world limited by the laws of nature.

      Jesus says, in Matt. 28:20, that He will be with us always. Wherever we go, Jesus will be with us – because He is inseparably connected to us. At the same time, He is inseparably connected to the Father (John 10:38). The Father can be anywhere and is everywhere, and the same is true of Jesus. The doctrine of His presence is pretty well supported by Scripture.

      But one very strong answer to your question comes from the words of John 14:20 “At that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.” Because it is His life that flows in us, we are forever with Him. He is with the Father and with us.

      I don’t know if this will help or if it is even the right direction of your question, but it helps me. Let me know what you think.

  3. Sue

    I had a brief conversation with my daughter in the car last night and it made me think of this post. It went like this:

    Me: Is that your jacket in the back seat?
    Her: No, it’s Jesus’.
    Me: Really? I didn’t know He was riding with us today.
    Her: That’s the problem with people today, they don’t know He’s always with us. They’ve stopped believing.
    Me: :::silence:::

    A 13 year old’s wisdom……..

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