But What About…

What happens to those who don’t come to Jesus?

Well, that’s the question for today, isn’t it?  Are they saved, whether they want to be or not?  Are they saved already, as long as they don’t deny Jesus?  Will there be some kind of second chance for them after death?  All of these suggestions center on the desire that more people would go to Heaven.  But they also all have to twist the simple assertion of the Scripture.  Some people will end up in hell.

Be wary of those who can tell you details about things the Scripture says little about.  I don’t intend to be one of them.  I believe that the Scripture teaches about hell.  I believe that hell will not be empty.  But what hell will be like, I don’t know.  Not good, though.

I don’t like the idea of hell.  It grieves me to think that some people will be there.  Annihilation sounds better to me, I suppose.  Universal salvation certainly sounds better.  But none of this is about me and what I want or think.   Hell is real.  Jesus taught about hell.  He wanted people to avoid it.  He believed that some people would be there.  Who am I to contradict Him?

The one clear message we get about hell is that people go there because of unbelief.  The way to Heaven was available to them and they didn’t want it.  I do not believe God sends anyone to hell; I believe that all are already on their way to hell because of sin and unbelief.  In some way, God allows them what they want—separation from Him.  I don’t know what that would be like, but it can’t be good.  The little we are told sounds terrible.

The bottom line is that the Scriptures tell us about something that is very difficult to accept.  God allows people to choose and He allows them to choose against Him.  Those who are learning to see others through the mind and heart of Jesus find hell disturbing to consider.  So disturbing, I suppose, that Jesus was willing to suffer torture and death so that people could avoid it.  The heart of God desires for all to be saved–but not all will be saved.

So we tell people about Jesus and the love of God that is available to them.  We don’t care who they are or where they have been, we just know they need a Savior and we know that He is strong enough, good enough, to overcome anything they have done. 



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4 responses to “But What About…

  1. graceandgiggles

    I heard a pastor talk about hell this way and I’ve never forgotten it:
    A seperation from God is being seperated from anything beautiful, lovely and creative. Think about the things of God that all of us, saved and unsaved, enjoy each and every day. The sunrise, the sky, the breeze, the rain; the existence of a loved one, the love of a loved one, the embrace of a loved one; the creativity to express oneself in art and the ability to admire that art; the aroma of a home cooked meal and the sound of laughter coming from the kitchen. All these things and more exist because God exists with us. Here. On this earth. Saved or unsaved. Take Him away. Yikes.
    As a girl who was brought up thinking hell was this place of flame and fire, with the devil in his little red suit, the thought of the seperation of God in the above description is far more terrifying than fire. To me anyway.
    In all the things I can not understand or begin to fathom, I am more than grateful that His ways and His thoughts our higher than mine. That His love is bigger than I ever imagined. And His grace really is AMAZING!
    Grateful. Beyond words.

  2. Kay

    After many years of not understanding that ‘good’, nice, doing the best we could was FAR from Christ’s righteousness and true Salvation, I got it. I now have to tell people the Truth in Agape’ love now, so we will celebrate with other true Christians AND Christ after death. Until then, we can live the Life of freedom from Hell, but also freedom of Life now.

    Free will was never really spelled out for me. Now that same free choice to chose or deny Christ gives me the free choice to love Him and others. THAT was an eye-opener.

    I was just with a hundred or more ‘good’ people that were angered when I asked them if they walked with Jesus Christ so we could have fellowship in Him. That spoke volumes and I felt the pain my Lord God must experience knowing unless they dive into Him now, they will be closed out for Eternity.

  3. Dave, thank you brother, for yet another wonderfully written article that is Biblical and doesn’t cater to the multitudes that are “humanizing” the character or nature of God. May God continue to bless you as you stand firm in the revealed truth of the gospel.

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