Back to Grace—Back to Jesus

The grace message is the message of Jesus.  It started with Jesus.  It is sustained by Jesus.  It ends with Jesus.  Jesus is the center of the message.  Jesus is the whole point.

 When we are set free from legalism, there is a natural anger mixed with the joy.  We are angry because of the wasted time and energy.  We are angry because of the deception we were under.  We are angry because we see others still in bondage.  Unfortunately, that anger can focus our hearts on the errors and offenses of legalism.  We easily become anti-legalists. 

 So we preach against legalism and try whatever we can think of to help people out of it.  We tell our stories.  We gather horror stories from others.  We even study the Scripture to back up our new-found perspective.  And we read books.  Lots of books.  Particularly books that affirm what we have found: that there is error in legalism.  We pass these books on to our friends and family with hopes that they will see the errors and be set free.  All of this is fine—except that it is the wrong focus. 

 The only proper focus, for those who understand grace, is Jesus.  It is not a system of theology that frees people from legalism.  It is not an argument against legalism that gives life.  Jesus sets us free.  Jesus is our Life.

 One of my primary concerns as I read the grace literature and listen to the teachers is that Jesus is often set apart from the focus.  They usually focus on what Jesus does through grace, a worthy message, but they often miss the point.  Jesus gives us the gifts of grace because of who He is. 

 The love of God moved the heart of God to come to us in the Person of Jesus.  He opened His arms to welcome us and save us.  Those who come to Him will find all that He has promised through His grace.  It’s about Him from beginning to end, the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.  Jesus!

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