Books on Narcissism – pt. 1

It’s Narcissist Friday!


There are some great books on narcissism!  Some will help your situation more than others, so I have tried to write brief annotations.  I will list only four books at a time, but this isn’t really a suggestion that the first listed are the best. 


Malignant Self Love, Sam Vaknin, Narcissus Publications, Prague, 2001.

This expensive paperback book is written by a man who considers himself to be a narcissist.  He sought to understand why his life was so full of trouble and loss.  His studies on narcissism have been quite popular, even though he stresses that he is not a mental health professional.  The book consists mainly of a series of “frequently asked questions”, presumably from his website (  This has the advantage of making the information readily available by topic.  While not many will wish to purchase the book because of the cost ($45 when I last checked), much of the information is available on the website and some major bookstores will handle it.  It is worth a cup of coffee and a couple hours at Barnes and Noble to look through the book. 

Children of the Self-Absorbed, Nina Brown, New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, 2001.

Nina Brown is a great resource on narcissism.  This book is written to help adults deal with the narcissistic abuse of their parents.  Helpful lists of characteristics for determining whether parents actually fit into the Destructive Narcissistic Personality box.  How to move on in life. 

Working with the Self-Absorbed, Nina Brown, New Harbinger Publications, Oakland, 2002.

The workplace is difficult enough for most people without adding a narcissistic boss or co-worker.  Brown offers ideas for determining whether this is happening and how to cope with the problem.  Well written, very helpful book. 

Narcissism and Intimacy, Marion F. Solomon, W.W. Norton & Co., New York, 1989.

Written from a psychotherapeutic background and perspective, this book will give an overview of the roots of narcissism as seen by current psychology.  It focuses particularly on the marriage relationship and the interaction of the narcissistic problems of self with others.



Please feel free to recommend books.  If I have them, I will review them and post about them.  If I don’t I will be interested in what you think.

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  1. Celia

    “Wolf – the self absorbed christian marriage”

    Book is about living with a Narcissistic spouse.

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