A Great Church!

This is somewhat off our recent topic track, but I happened to find it among some of my writings and thought it might bless someone.

The kind of church I would like…

1.  A church that teaches that Jesus is real and that we are called to a relationship with Him as a real Person.

2.  A church that teaches that Jesus is the only way and the sufficient way to God.

3.  A church that recognizes that this real relationship with a real Jesus will result in different perspectives and priorities as Jesus leads in each person’s life.

4.  A church where each person is safe to express his heart needs and share from the perspective Jesus is using in her life. 

5.  A church where each person is viewed by the others as Jesus’ work in progress and is valued with eyes of love and compassion.

6.  A church where each person sees himself as Jesus’ work in progress and relates to others in humility and mindful of his own dependence on Jesus.

7.  A church where people are taught to believe that God is powerful and Jesus is real and the real power of God is in us through our relationship with Jesus.

8.  A church where the governing processes reflect the active life of Jesus in relationship to the people and priorities of the church.



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11 responses to “A Great Church!

  1. Rebekah Grace

    What’s the address? I’ll be there Sunday….with bells on!

    “A church where each person is safe to express his heart needs and share from the perspective Jesus is using in her life.”

    I tried this about a year ago, after not attending a church for decades. What I received from sharing the perspective Jesus was bringing in my life was condemnation because I didn’t and will never by the way, make the church building the end all be all of the Christian life. Haven’t been back since. God is still very much alive and active in my life as I seek Him from my kitchen table every morning.

    • Rebekah, I don’t know why I had to approve your comments all of a sudden, but thanks for this. It seems to me that, if pastors and other church leaders would simply trust the Lord, we wouldn’t have to have this emphasis on the church building as the center of Christian activity. As a pastor myself, I understand the desire to have participation at programs and events, but maybe fewer events of more relevance and substance would be better. In any case, I do everything I can to make the church I serve the way I have described here. There are many who have opted out of church attendance for just the reasons you describe. They would love to have a place/fellowship with true welcome and love.

      • Rebekah Grace

        Dave, I changed how my public name appears, it used to say graceandgiggles, now it’s my name. Maybe that’s why.

        Yes, I would love a place to fellowship with true welcome and love. In the meantime, I suppose the Lord is showing me how to be that for others as He is that for me in this wilderness I am in.

        I should drive up to your church sometime. Are you there every Sunday?

  2. Bill Metzger

    The absolute WORST thing the Christian Church ever did was to build buildings for the purpose of worship. For most, when they look at “their” building they say,”That’s my church”. No, it’s not! YOU are the Church, and Jesus really, trully lives in you right now. If we really believed and trusted in the reality of Jesus and His indwelling Presence, it would change everything. My two cents! 🙂

    • I suppose it is easier to identify with a place. Most older churches struggle with that. In fact, when my former church closed and another denomination bought the building, some of the people just kept attending. That was their “church!”

      If our identity is in Christ, as the Scriptures teach, then we are at home wherever we are – always welcome, always loved, always accepted – no matter where we are or even whom we are with.

  3. Sue

    I spent a few years away from church for numerous reasons; some of them expressed by other commenters.

    What I realized recently, is that by staying away, I was secluding myself. I was keeping myself safe from being hurt by others and their behaviors.

    I love your example of how “church” should be on your post. It would be perfect if every church was that way, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, our churches are filled and lead by human beings who are not perfect. Being perfected for sure, but certainly not there yet.

    But WE are the church! Nothing will change until we walk inside those buildings and start behaving exactly the way we think others should.

    I am fortunate, I had a very loving church to walk back into. And they were there with opening, loving arms. Are they perfect? Nope. Are there things they can improve on? Sure. But it’s not up to me to blast them with a barrage of errors that I might see. It is simply my job to be led by the Holy Spirit, give grace where it is due, and just simply love them.

    God will take care of the rest. 😉

    • I am with you, but I also understand those who either can’t find that loving church or who just come to the conclusion that it isn’t worth the painful search. Many churches are not accepting, especially for singles or those in special situations. Many towns just don’t have any other kind of church. Yes, I think it is worth the search – but there was certainly a time when I wondered.

    • Rebekah Grace

      Sue, I understand the seclusion as I have questioned that in myself. I certainly haven’t, up to this point in this journey, been free to allow anyone to do anything to me while I seek the One who brought me Home. It has been of much more importance to me to find His Truth, His Face, His Wisdom, His Grace, His Mercy, His unfailing Love, His Guidance more than spending time and energy finding a church, which is filled with baggage I won’t get into here.

      Also, the family I came from placed church at the forefront, maybe even as a god. There has been much pain and regret stemming from that, so I, like the child of an alcoholic who chooses to stay far, far away from any drink…..I do so with church. Someday. Maybe. I find that most people don’t understand or condemn me for this. But He is faithful. Hallelujiah!

      • Sue

        Rebekkah, I hear you and completely understand. I have experienced pain in other churches and I know that I am truly blessed to have found this little haven.

        I have many walls that God has been tearing down stone by stone. I am finally at the place where I can peak over the top of the wall and see freedom. I have just started going back to church and for the first time feel safe stepping into a church.

        God will lead you to the right place when it’s the right time….His timing, not ours, right?

        Big hugs!

  4. Kathy Frazier

    IF I could find such a church, I would be there ALL of the time. Sadly, here in my town, such a church does not exist.

  5. Kay

    What’s to think? AMEN!!!

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