Have they heard the Truth?

Many times, when I read or hear people expressing their disdain for the Christian faith—particularly those who claim to have left it—I wonder if they have ever really known the faith.  To me, the Christian faith is Jesus.  Not what Jesus has done for me.  Not the doctrines about Jesus.  Not the things I do for Jesus.  The Christian faith is Jesus.  In Him, in relationship with Him, I live.  He is my life, my all. 

And I doubt that those who have walked away from the faith have understood that.  I am confident that those who deny the faith from the outside have never heard or understood that gospel. Then I wonder—would they have denied the real gospel?

Of course, some will reject and some may even deny.  But they should at least be exposed to the truth!  As long as the Christian faith is presented as a set of doctrines or life standards or rituals, people will experience the frustration and despair that Lewis wrote about.  As long as it is something I have to do, the success of which depends on me, I am in trouble.

Bottom line: The gospel is the story of the love of God revealed in the Person and work of Jesus.  The Christian faith is a walk with a Friend.  Christian doctrine is about who our Lord is and what He has done.  Christian standards are the natural result of a life centered on Jesus.    



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6 responses to “Have they heard the Truth?

  1. Bill Metzger

    It took me fifty years to finally figure out that it’s Jesus, Jesus, and nothing but Jesus! Matthew 17:8,”When they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no one but Jesus only.” And that makes Psalm 16:11 even more special: “You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy. At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Let it never be anything less than Jesus nor anything more than Jesus!

  2. Marshall Noblitt

    Now that is good news. Wished it was preached here.

  3. Sue

    After spending way too many years trying to “do” religion; it was a welcome resigning to know there was nothing I could “do” but sit at His feet.

    Too many get caught up in trying to perform and keep up with the Jones’.


    I really am glad to have found this blog. You are a breath of fresh air! Very positive and encouraging. I like that!

    • Rebekah Grace

      “I really am glad to have found this blog. You are a breath of fresh air! Very positive and encouraging. I like that!”


  4. Kay

    This is the sorrow for many Christians in the lukewarm Churches. People have for centuries looked at the Tree of Good and Evil, polishing the fruit to look even better than the Lord, ripped off the fruit that irritates. I mingle among the Church people and listen to the “fellowship” and wonder did I just attend a secular rally. My Lord and God is Everything. NOT in the lukewarm Churches. If and when the Name of Jesus is not in the forefront, we have just a social gathering. No wonder America is declining. The Owner and Master has long been subjugated to an “it” or “him”.

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