Denominational meetings….

I am still a part of a denomination, even though my church is not.  So, I still have to attend denominational meetings from time to time.  Not my favorite thing.

For the last two days I have been in such a meeting.  The speaker, a dynamic and informative man, told us all about the “missional church.”  That’s the latest fad word and has been for the last five or so years. 

So, here’s a quote:  “It’s not supposed to be a church-centric universe.  It’s supposed to be a kingdom-centric universe.”  I agree with the first statement, but I fail to see how the second is different in any real way.  What he means is that we should not do church indoors and just with Christian friends.  Agreed.  What he also means is that the mission of believers is to take the love out to the world.  I suppose, but…

Notice anything missing?  Notice Anybody missing?


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2 responses to “Denominational meetings….

  1. Rebekah Grace

    Oh dear. I must confess that this prodigal daughter, this rebel child, this preachers kid that has more church baggage than some people would ever dare admit tried church last year.

    It had been decades since I had darkened the door. And 2+ years of journeying with Jesus.

    I can’t say my baggage didn’t play a part, because it’s almost integrated in me like my blood and veins. However, I will say this…….I missed Jesus in church. I found much more depth and satisfaction from my Savior in our times alone than in the place so many have so often told so many He could be found.

    Hasn’t that been the pat answer given? Just get into a good church. You should be in church. Why aren’t you in church? Your marriage would have survived if you’d been in church. So, what church do you go to?
    Church, church, church.
    What’s missing?
    Jesus Christ.

    So, I for one will stand up and say:
    Just give me Jesus!

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