Me versus Me?

Many preachers talk about the battle within us.  They tell us that we have two natures, one evil and one good.  One nature is redeemed while the other is still in sin.  One is influenced by the Spirit; the other is influenced by the evil one.  The battle in us, me versus me and you versus you, will go on until we die—that’s what they tell us.

How depressing!  No wonder we see so little progress!  If I have to battle myself every step of the way, how am I any better off than before I was a believer?  Well, they tell me that I have more power now.  It doesn’t feel like it.  Oh, I know if I stop to pray it helps.  If I stop to read the Bible, it helps.  But I could have that kind of help before I became a believer.  It’s the stopping that’s hard.  If I am angry at someone and am about to refer to that person with a curse word, I don’t usually stop to pray first.  Before I was a believer, I could have counted to ten or something like that to let the steam off before I spoke.  Is that all I have as a believer?

If it’s still me versus me, the wanting versus the doing, the knowing what’s right versus the doing what’s wrong—if both parts are me, I’m in trouble.  I will never be free in this life.  I will never have real victory.  I will never be able to rest.  I will always be attached to the shame and guilt of my past.  After all, the old me is still around, still living and active and fighting for supremacy.

Something’s wrong with that. . .


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  1. Sue

    This made me think of Matthew 11.29….”Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.”

    This doesn’t sound like there is a lot of work involved…so why do we create so much work for ourselves?

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