On the Road Again

My family and I will be traveling this week and I won’t be able to post until next week. I trust that all of you will have a blessed Memorial Day!

Just a quick mention that I finished a long series on the gospel of John this past Sunday. 63 messages! What an incredible book! We are all sorry to see it end.

John’s main concerns are two-fold:


    Jesus is God- By some great mystery, God Almighty took on human flesh and lived among us in the person of Jesus Christ. In spite of the difficulties we have with understanding this, it is quite clear that Jesus is fully and forever God.


    God loves us through Jesus. It is all about His love for us. From His love comes His actions of sacrifice and His teachings; from His love comes our love for Him; from His love comes any power we have to overcome sin and accomplish great things in His name. He is the Initiator, the Provider, the Power, the Wisdom, the Life.


It is all about Jesus, God’s grace for your heart.

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