Now What?

So, let’s see . . . the old man is dead—the flesh is corrupt, formed and sustained by sin—and sin is resident in me and in the world.  I am no longer a slave to sin, it no longer owns me, but I continue to do what sin wants because the flesh patterns of my life are familiar and easy.  No sin is on my account with God and I am in no danger of eternal judgment because of the righteousness and sufficiency of Christ.  That’s a fair summary of my condition—but what do I do now?

I know I can’t earn more righteousness than I already have in Christ.  I know I can’t motivate Him to love me more by doing good things for Him.  He has already changed me and I am complete in Him.  He already loves me with that everlasting love.  So now what?

Now I simply walk with Him.  The rest of my days are to be spent in relationship with Jesus who loves me.  That’s what it means to walk in the Spirit.  As I look to Him, instead of myself or my world, I learn to see things differently and I act differently.  The things of this world lose their hold on me.  The activities that captivated me before are no longer things I need to do.  The Spirit changes me from the inside out and I am not the same.  Not only has the old man died, but a new Man lives in me.

This is real—more real than anything else in this life.  Jesus is real.  He is here, with each of us, and He wants us to live and walk through our days with Him.  Call it a deeper life, call it walking in the Spirit, call it a regenerated life—I don’t care.  Just know that it is real and good.  The more I look to Him, the more I experience that life. 


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2 responses to “Now What?

  1. Rebekah Grace


    I like the truth that the things of this world lose their hold on me. I’ve been experiencing that for the past 3+ years. There is this strange relief and fear happening at the same time though. Losing interest in things that once defined me is scary! Learning what a bondage they are (were) and how I’m being freed from them is a relief!

  2. Libby Smith

    It IS real and it IS good…Amen brother….

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