She Didn’t Do It?

     It’s Narcissist Friday!

     Whatever you think of the Casey Anthony verdict, you will probably agree that something bad happened to that poor little girl and someone in this dysfunctional family (perhaps all of them) knows what it was.  Personally, I think Casey somehow caused Caylee’s death.  Her behavior is so puzzling, so bizarre, so odd. 

     But, she may simply be acting like an extreme narcissist.  Everything fits if we think of Casey in that light.  The little girl cramped Casey’s style.  Whatever happened doesn’t seem to have bothered Casey very much.  She felt quite free to move on with her life—problem solved.  She lies to cover whatever happened.  She blames others.  She hates the idea of not being free.  And she wins!  Those who live with narcissists know what I mean—they always win. 

     Of course, I don’t know Casey and I haven’t counseled her, so I really can’t say that she is a narcissist.  What I can say is that she sure looks like one.  The media has certainly presented her as one, even if she hasn’t done so herself. 

     Speaking of strange—I was going to suggest that Casey will now simply expect to go on with her life.  Even if she did something to Caylee, she will believe that the verdict proves she didn’t.  She will expect everyone to treat her as though she did nothing wrong.  I was even going to suggest that she will want to have another baby . . . . . . . . . . .

     Then, what do I hear on the television today?  Casey would like to have another baby!  Is your head spinning?  We have just been treated to one of the most frustrating trials of our day, focused on one of the strangest families we have heard about, and now this is added to the mix.  Nothing about this makes any sense.

     Welcome to the world of narcissism!

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One response to “She Didn’t Do It?

  1. Kay

    After much education from you: I did dare speak that “n” some time ago. Since the truth that who and what you are ruled by IS who you become… this woman is being ruled by a self-centered spirit and “n” soul. After listening to a couple of jurors’ stunning double-talk, describing their confusion …they’ve been dealing with a “n” since they first were chosen, then roped into her craziness. How many families and friends, co-workers see this on a daily basis. Is this “n” a cold-blooded killer? I don’t say that. I do know that “n” leaves no life for others to live. “You are in my way and I’ll make sure I pain you one way or the other”. It took almost 2 years for the body of this baby to show up. It didn’t take that long for this woman to show her disdainment for the baby’s life.

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