Minnesota’s Revenge

Montezuma’s Revenge is much more famous, but I have now experienced Minnesota’s Revenge – Lyme Disease.  Felt increasingly bad over the past few weeks and terrible the past few days.  Went to the dr and he said I had “acute symptoms of Lyme Disease.”  Of course we are in tick country and are bitten regularly, yes even by deer ticks.  A couple of my sons had the bullseye marks and got treatment over the years, but I didn’t get a rash or bullseye.  I just started accumulating symptoms: painful joints, muscle aches, headache, lethargy, and high temps. 

Actually, it seems that this may be the best way to get Lyme Disease.  For some people the symptoms pop up over months and, because they seem unrelated, they don’t understand what’s happening.  If you just had an unexplained headache that lasted a couple of days, you wouldn’t make a big deal of it.  If you had an unexplained fever that lasted a few days, you might wonder, but you wouldn’t consider it a big deal.  Same with the joint pain and the muscles aches and the lethargy.  That’s why some people carry the disease for years without ever understanding why they get these strange symptoms.  But when they happen all at once, you know something is wrong.  We have an article with pictures of ticks and description of the symptoms that we posted here for our sons a couple of years ago.  I had everything but the rash and the bullseye mark around the bite. 

Nasty stuff, but very treatable with antibiotics and I actually feel better already. 

So, thanks for your patience with my lack of connection over the past few weeks.  It actually describes my summer pretty well.  I truly appreciate your comments and will do my best to get to the questions.  Thanks also to those who have offered help and encouragement to others.  How great is that? 

One more thing:  I just learned about a website put together by young people raised in Bill Gothard’s ATI program.  Some of you might be interested in checking it out.  http://www.recoveringgrace.org/



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5 responses to “Minnesota’s Revenge

  1. Rebekah Grace

    Well praise God you got treated now!! Will add you to my prayer list Dave!

    You’re like my pastor online and one day I would love to head up that way, before winter sets in, and see your beautiful church!

  2. Hey Dave, I found out that it’s your Birthday today, so first I want to wish you a Blessed & Happy Birthday, brother!

    I am very sorry to hear about the lyme issue! 😦 I pray that it quickly passes with no after affects.

    Prayerfully Your Bro,
    in Christ,

  3. Sue

    Oh my, Lyme disease can be very difficult to treat if not caught right away. So glad you are getting treated.

    Prayers for your quick healing going up now!

    God bless,

  4. Thanks so much for the prayers! I am feeling better than I have almost all summer, which leads me to think that I have been sick for a while. Still tire easily, but truly getting better.

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