Hang-in-there Grace

      There wasn’t much money in 1932, so it was no time to buy a drugstore. Then grasshoppers ate all the crops in the region. This, in turn, was followed by a dust bowl, a long drought, temperatures for ten days straight of over 100 degrees. So the drugstore seemed about to fold. Nevertheless, Ted and Dorothy Husted were believers in God.

     They asked themselves: “How can we get these people into the drugstore?”  They said, “We’ll put up some signs.” So, they went 25 miles in each direction and put up signs that read, “Free Ice Water at the Wall Drugstore, Wall, S.D.” They put up signs at 10 miles; and at 5 miles the sign read: “Hold on! It’s Only 5 Miles to the Wall Drugstore and Free Ice Water.” They got so enthusiastic that they even put up a sign at Albany, New York: “1725 Miles to the Wall Drugstore”.

     Now druggists had been handing out free ice water for generations, but Ted & Dorothy were the first people who ever thought of advertising it. Today more than 15,000 people crowd the drugstore on a busy day in a town of 800 people. It remains the most spectacularly successful drugstore in the entire industry.

     Why?  Because of something called perseverance.  They persevered.  They kept going.  They didn’t give up. 

     The people of the Lord are called to persevere.  Of all the people of this world, we are the ones who know the end result.  Victory belongs to the Lord and eternal victory is ours through Him.

     Of course in these days we have cause to wonder about that, don’t we?  Whether it is the shakiness of the economy or the weaknesses of our leadership or the Middle East problem or whatever, we certainly see the world falling apart around us.  We wonder what is going to happen and we really don’t have any answers.  Many of God’s people are troubled and don’t know what to do.

     The answer, of course, is that we must keep going.  We must persevere.  Perhaps the passage we remember best on this topic is what Paul wrote to the Galatians.
Galatians 6:9 ( NKJV ) And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. 

      Good is coming!  Hang in there!  But what happens when good is a long time coming?  What happens when we begin to understand that the good won’t come in our lifetime?  What happens if we can’t see the good coming at all? 

     Now, that isn’t to suggest that I don’t believe the Scripture.  The problem is that many Christians don’t feel the benefit of the promise.  That doesn’t make the promise less true.  When we are working so hard to do right and we find difficulties at every turn, it just gets discouraging.

     Some of you might feel that kind of pressure today.  You believe the word the Lord has given you.  You believe the Scripture promises.  But the days just keep going and nothing seems to change.  You wait and wait but nothing happens.

     This week I want to offer some words of encouragement.  I want to share with you the idea of persevering grace. 


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