Saved to the Uttermost!

 Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.  Hebrews 7:25(NKJV) 

How far is the uttermost?  How big is the uttermost?  How long is the uttermost?  Well, it’s as far, as big, as long as you can imagine and still more.  It’s all the way.

All the way home.  That’s how far Jesus can and will take you.  That’s what salvation means.  He will get you all the way home.

Some people seem to think that Jesus just gives us a big push, you know, gets us started.  The rest is up to us, they think.  But if the last inch is up to you or me it isn’t going to happen.  It’s all Jesus or it isn’t going to be.

No.  Jesus takes us all the way.  He is the beginning and the end, able and willing to save us “to the uttermost.”  Nothing can stand against Him.  Nothing can thwart His plans.  He knows you and He loves you and He is with you.  All the way.


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4 responses to “Saved to the Uttermost!

  1. Rebekah Grace

    Good stuff here!! I really needed this! Had some very painful comments on my blog the other day and I’ve been swiriling since. Jesus has to be bigger! He has to be! Thank you Dave!

    • Sue


      I am coming to realize that the closer we get to understanding and accepting God’s love for us, the harder the enemy tries to cheat us of that love.

      We can’t let him!


      • Rebekah Grace

        Thank you so much for that Sue! The thing that I will never, EVER understand is this: Are believers to be used by the enemy to stifle our understanding? To shut off our wrestling with God? To throw Bible verses around with such experience and knowledge as to try and wrap us up in a neat and tidy box? As if to say, “Here’s what it says in the Bible, get it straight, you’ll get better and all will be well.” I don’t understand that mentality.

  2. Sue

    Oh my goodness, you have no idea how I needed this today. I’ve been stepped on 2 days in a row and my heart has been hurting. I woke up this morning and claimed a promise of God and then here is you lovely post.

    Thank you!!!!

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