Grow in Grace

Harvest is just about on us and the corn in Iowa is well over six feet tall.  It is hard to imagine that each stalk, with its multiple ears, began just a few months ago as a single kernel of corn.  Imagine what it must have taken to grow that much.

We have often marveled at little kittens and little children sleeping.  They play with great energy and then fall asleep in the strangest places and positions.  Growing is hard work.

You see, we normally wouldn’t talk about the work the corn does in order to grow.  We wouldn’t commend the kittens or the children for all their hard work in growing.  Yet growing hardly seems to be passive.  A great deal happens as we grow.

Did you know that those of us who have discovered the grace of God are commanded to grow in that grace?  Yes, it is something we are supposed to do.  Something the Lord expects of us.

. . . grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  2 Peter 3:18(NKJV)


Now, I suppose that those who accuse us of preaching passivity would grab onto this and say that growing is passive.  But, the growth process of my life has been anything but passive.  In fact, the angels would tell you that a whole lot of kicking and screaming was happening through the journey.  The continual battle of resisting, then yielding, then resisting again, then yielding again, is work!

How do we grow in grace?  We rest more, trust more, believe more, look more to Jesus.  But it is a constant process of yielding, letting go of our fleshly impulse to solve our problems or prove our strength.

Someone once told us that children do their growing at night or when they sleep.  It is important for them to spend their energy and then rest.  Maybe there is a spiritual lesson there for us.  Maybe we grow most in those times when we have spent ourselves and are finally willing to rest in Jesus.

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