Jehovah Tsidkenu

The Lord is our Righteousness.  Does that make sense?  If that’s true, what about all the commands for us to live righteous lives?  What about the sense of failure that we feel all the time?  Why don’t I feel righteous?

Could it be that the Lord simply asks us throughout His Word to live according to the righteousness that is already ours?  Yes!  We can’t earn it by working hard or create it by any amount of good works.  We can’t be righteous on our own.  Only when He enters us, when He is our life, do we become righteous.  And then He is our righteousness.

And could it be that the evil one is afraid of people who walk and live in righteousness?  Yes!  He does all he can to promote that sense of failure.  He even uses churches and preachers when he can.

And could it be that I have lived so long under condemnation that I find this truth hard to believe, especially when applied to daily living?  Yes!  I have been taught to judge myself and accept myself on the basis of my actions and thoughts.  In Christ I must learn to judge myself and accept myself by His actions and His thoughts toward me.  In other words, I am righteous and acceptable and loved.

No wonder they call this the good news!


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2 responses to “Jehovah Tsidkenu

  1. lovely. Jesus is so lovely. How can we not fall in love with Him?

    grace and peace

  2. Thank you! I really need to remember that!!!

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