Does it have to be?

Does everyone have to go through a time of law in order to understand and desire grace?

This is a serious and difficult question.  I would love to know what others think.  My inclination is to say that new believers should be able to trust in the work of the Lord from the beginning and carry their trust in the Savior into their Christian lives.  After all, nothing new happens to the believer after the moment of salvation, right?  We do not become more saved or better saved.  Sanctification is a process of us becoming what we are in Christ.  It is not us changing in any substantial way.

My experience and observation, however, reveal that almost everyone does go through a time of trying to trust in law and good works, performance.  Most of the Church seems to be stuck there.

Why would so many go through this if it is unnecessary?  What do you think?


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4 responses to “Does it have to be?

  1. I will based my answer solely on my opinion. no verses involved.

    “The same knowledge level of the Law,
    is the same understanding level of Grace” – just me

    in other words,
    the more you know about how much disqualified you are,
    the more you understand how precious grace (Jesus) is

    so, yes. I understood grace when I can no longer fulfill the Law

    grace and peace

    • This is an interesting idea. I like your explanation. You cannot understand the Law until you find yourself completely and hopelessly condemned under it. And you cannot understand grace until you cling to it as the only way of hope.

  2. Kay

    Does it have to be? Knowing the Adamic nature, Satan, our humanity even after Salvation, I would say “yes”!! The Church still seeks and finds ways around God’s Testaments, Laws of Life, prone to believe
    and put fear into the hearts of the Faithful. Until Jesus is finally enthroned permanently/Satan in Hell, we will wrestle with law and grace and until we get Truth and Life in Christ from Him… Rhema-Word. Having read Romans well over fifty times in three years, get “eye-openers” each time, I assume that even at my age, I’ve just scraped the surface of His Truth. Thanks Dave.

  3. Hi Kay! It is interesting that I posted this on FB and I couldn’t get anyone to say that the desire for the law is part of us, in the sense of flesh. Everyone thought it was what we were taught, in other words it came from the outside. I suspect that more comes from within than we care to admit.

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