Jesus is enough because…

How is it possible that Jesus is enough for me, for you, for anyone, and for all?  In order for that to be true, He would have to be the biggest, the smartest, the most loving, the strongest Person of all.  Right?  And, of course, that’s exactly who He is!

I believe that the Almighty God, the Creator of the universe, took on human flesh without losing anything of Himself in the Person of Jesus Christ.  In other words, I believe that Jesus is God.  When I pray, I pray to Jesus because He and the Father are one.  When I hurt, I cry out to Him because the strength and love of God are in Him.  When I am afraid, I look to Him because in Him is my source of comfort and my provision.  I believe that Jesus is alive and well today, living for us and in us.

It is becoming more popular for evangelicals to say that Jesus is just like us.  By that they mean that He understands us and that He suffered life as we suffer it.  I believe that He understands me and that He understands suffering even from His own experience, but I surely cannot believe that Jesus is just like me.  I don’t need someone who is just like me. 

I need someone who is wiser than I am, someone who is more faithful and more righteous.  I need hope for this life and the next and no one like me offers that hope.  I need more than I can do on my own because I have already proven how I can mess things up.  I need someone better than I am, and Jesus is better than I.

I look to Jesus as my Lord and my God.  I believe in the Trinity, but I do not understand the differences between Father, Son and Spirit.  When I read the Bible simply, I find that the Three are One and that Jesus brings them all to me.  In Jesus I have found the life I have looked for.  In Him I have found forgiveness and peace and hope. 

Jesus is enough because He is God.


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2 responses to “Jesus is enough because…

  1. SueM

    “Standing “O”(vation)!

    So well said.

  2. @”It is becoming more popular for evangelicals to say that Jesus is just like us”

    I heard this almost 20 years ago. it never died.
    probably because when Christians read the bible
    they would try to look for messages pointing to them
    messages like – what should I do or have done

    Christians should start looking for Jesus in the word,
    because Jesus reveals himself in the Word.

    what do we see when we read the story of Abraham offering Isaac?
    do we see “our need to sacrifice our love to God?” or
    do we see “God’s love and only son Jesus given to us?”

    grace and peace

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