What’s In It for Me?

It’s Narcissist Friday!

Whether it’s in politics or at home or at work, the primary concern of the narcissist is what he will get out of it.  No project, no relationship becomes reality unless N thinks he can gain from it in some way.  A favor is seen as an inroad to debt or gratitude, a future payback.  A venture is an opportunity to look good or to gain points with authority.  A relationship is a way to fulfill passions or to find narcissistic supply.  Everything must have a reward.

All of us do this, of course.  I don’t want to suggest that the rest of us start projects or relationships with selfless reasons.  But for most of us there is an honest desire to help.  I will do things today that I don’t really want to do and that won’t benefit me in any real way because I care about the people for whom I am doing these things.  So will you.  The narcissist?  Not so much.

So today, we have an opportunity to recognize those who entered into something for the rest of us.  Yes, they got something as well, but not enough; and they knew it would be that way.  We have an opportunity to remember those who gave it all.  They probably didn’t intend to die, but they knew it was more than possible.  Why did these people do these things?  Because they believed it would make a difference; it would help the rest of us.

Thanks, veterans!

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