Why I Celebrate Christmas – 3


In the circles we were in a few years ago it was increasingly popular for people to simply abandon Christmas.  These were believers who had become convinced that Christmas was a pagan holiday marked by materialism and greed.  Some of them refused to have anything to do with the season—no tree, no gifts, no songs, nothing.  Some of them had minimal decorations and celebration and spent most of their time criticizing what others did.  Some of them decided that it would be more spiritual to celebrate Hanukah (which makes me chuckle and I will talk about in a later post).

But the interesting thing was that most of these families had a view of life that was negative, whether it was Christmas or not.  They were bitter and grumpy Christians, focused on the rules and failures, and they were amazingly able to bring others down with them.  They didn’t seem to have any reason for celebrating.

Well, I have a reason for celebrating.  When I walked in darkness, Jesus came and gave me life.  When I was in bondage to sin and shame, Jesus came and set me free.  When I was broken and lonely, Jesus came and told me that He loved me.  The one thing that has changed my life more than anything else is the fact that Jesus came.

At Christmas, I don’t celebrate trees or lights or gifts or food—I celebrate the fact that Jesus came.  I enjoy all the things of Christmas, but they all help me to remember what has really made the difference.  Jesus came!


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3 responses to “Why I Celebrate Christmas – 3

  1. Back in 2005 I agreed with my husband that Christmas was a pagan holiday and wrote a letter to my family that we would not be celebrating Christmas anymore because it was a pagan holiday. Oh my….things have changed. This initial rejection of the story of love – God sending His Son to redeem us – became a gateway for my husband to step through into the Hebrew Roots Movement. My daughter and I now celebrate Christmas with the family, while my husband continues on his path of rejecting Christ, while keep the Old Testament Law. Yes, this is a house divided, but I have peace with God, and my family has accepted us back into our Christmas gathering without judgment or condemnation. God is love, and grace, shown to us by sending Jesus Christ to our planet with the ultimate purpose of redemption. A gift to us, unmerited and in some cases, unwanted, but still there – a Gift. Merry Christmas!

    • And Merry Christmas to you! Even in the midst of struggle, He is with you and He loves you. He has not forgotten you. The day of reconciliation, reuniting, and restoration will come and all things will be made new – because of Jesus. Yes, we have something to celebrate!
      God bless you Kathy!

  2. st

    Amen!! Nothing and nobody else is worth such a raucous and lavish celebration!! Jesus, sent to earth to save and bring hope!

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