Why I Celebrate Christmas – 5


Christmas is all about grace! Think about it: God loved us so much that He provided a way of forgiveness, reconciliation and life for us.  He did this by taking on human flesh and becoming one of us.  In the person of Jesus, God walked among us and lived our life.  Then He offered Himself as the way of life by going to the cross.

The whole story is so full of mystery.  It is simple enough for little children to act it out on stage and so deep that the greatest theologians can only grasp the basics.  In that little baby in the Bethlehem manger our hope and life was found.  Everything we need is in Jesus.  Why did He do this?  How did He do it?  These are things too wonderful for me.  I just know that He did.

I believe that grace is simply what God does.  When He reaches out to us to meet our needs, that’s grace.  When He draws us to Himself, that’s grace.  When He shows us the pain and suffering that comes from sin, that’s grace.  From the creation to the giving of the Law to the cross and to the end of days, it’s all the grace of God. When God came to us Himself, not through another, that was grace.  When He was born to regular people and lived a regular life, that was grace.

This is why our ministry, Grace for the Heart, likes to say: Jesus is God’s grace for your heart.

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