Drinking at the Mall on Sunday

One of my favorite stories is about the missionaries who went to Europe and were shocked to see believers drinking wine and beer.  Knowing that all consumption of alcohol was sin, these missionaries couldn’t connect with their brothers and sisters in Europe.  However, they noticed that the believers there often looked at them and made comments under their breath.  When the truth was finally revealed, the European believers were scandalized that the Americans went shopping on Sunday.  (I suppose they eventually compromised and determined that they could fellowship as long as no one drank alcohol at the mall on Sunday.)

You see, this is what happens when we try to live under a religious flesh system.  Whose system do we use?  How specific should we get?  How do we relate to those who do not share our system?  The Church has spent a great amount of its energy fighting these battles.  The only thing that happens is that our religious flesh system becomes more a part of us as we justify it in relationship with others.

We were never supposed to follow a system.  The systems, whether religious or not, are part of the broken world.  We are called to a relationship with the One who will lead us personally.  Yes, He has given us His Word, wonderful information to help us through our days, but even His Word was never supposed to be taken apart from Him.  He spoke to us as our Friend, our Father, our Redeemer, our Lover, our King—but never outside of a relationship.

He loves you and He wants you to come to Him.  Ask Him His will.  Tell Him your concerns.  Listen for Him to respond to you in love.

Questions?  Thoughts?



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3 responses to “Drinking at the Mall on Sunday

  1. Dave

    What if the beer was 1/2 off when they were at the Mall?

  2. Alissa

    It’s amazing to me how many things different Christian denominations focus on as a measure of spirituality, instead of looking at the things God says HE looks at. Jesus drank wine, his first miracle involved it, but since Proverbs says not to be drunk, we make the leap that drinking alcohol is a sin! A friend I know won’t even use alcohol in cooking, but she eats pork, works on the sabbath and doesn’t tithe. All the latter issues are addressed in the bible and yet her church’s “norm” is that alcohol=sin. Another friend’s church won’t let her get her ears pierced, yet another can’t use instruments. In my opinion every denomination does it. It’s in our nature to try to set rules and boundaries, it’s only when those personal choices begin being used as a weapon of judgement & condemnation that we begin abandoning the call to love & serve others in order to judge them. If we keep our priority putting people first, these issues really begin to fade in their importance.

    Living with a narc & being around his family for 16 years, I’ve experienced more damaging words than I imagined possible from people who are leaders in their community, elders in their church etc. Behind the scenes they are critical, nasty people who will stop at nothing to win. They don’t seem to care that I have my own feelings & opinions, they’ve spent years trying to make me just like them. And now that I’m taking action to protect my kids they’re lying & telling my husband to lie so he gets 50% custody. They shamed me when I wanted to get a part time job but now they call me a free loader. You can’t win and I’m done trying. I’ve found throughout this process that there are good people who will help you, but not always the people you think.

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