How Could a Narcissist be a Pastor?

It’s Narcissist Friday!

Sick today.  Thought you might enjoy a short talk by Sam Vaknin that explains why narcissists are clustered in certain professions.  Note that the second profession he mentions is clergy.  If the video doesn’t pop up, here’s the link:

I would be interested in your thoughts…


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4 responses to “How Could a Narcissist be a Pastor?

  1. Fortunately, non of the clergy I have known have been narcissists. However, I can see why t would be appealing to them. The N from my past life was self-employed and had illegals working for him. He always took their skills and hard work for granted and they often needed to nag hm to bring them their pay. I can’t imagine hm as a clergyman. Jim and Tammy Faye Baker come to mind, though. 🙂

  2. Liz

    A family member of mine is dealing with a narcissistic Episcopal priest. The sad thing is that Bob harms the whole church, and yet many parishioners cannot see what is happening, instead modeling their behavior after his.

    • Liz, thanks for your comment. I felt strongly that I should take the name of the man out, for several reasons. At the same time, your comment is important and coincides with the focus of an upcoming post. Narcissists desire leadership and are often found there. We should not be surprised when people follow their ways, even though they are destructive and sad.

  3. Georgette

    My ex is N, he is a leader of a recovery ministry. Last I heard they were going to let him handle the whole ministry as well as the class they are trying to get going for sexually abused. This is the N that is still doing porn, married his fourth wife, who has never loved any of his four wives. Whom sees women as objects. Who I saw the affects of demonic possession in 2014 and if my eyes were open I might have seen a demon go into him before he spewed the ‘F’ bomb all over me. I saw a dark spirit (demon) go into him in 2015. I believe his mom has sexually abused him, but the woman that works along side him in the ministry states he does not need counseling b/c the recovery ministry is all he needs. Her words: he has worked hard in this ministry to change and he is changing by leaps and bounds and you just refuse to see it! Churches are getting weaker b/c they refuse to see the dark souls for who they are when someone confront or warns them.

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