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Facebook scares me.  I am not exactly new to Facebook, but I have only recently begun to use it as a ministry tool.  I am still wary of posting, except in groups, probably because of the odd way FB seems to set aside the natural inhibitions and good judgment of so many people.  But I do read.

There are several grace communities I have either been invited to join or have asked to enter.  One thing I notice is that the more friends I gather, the more friends I share with prospective friends.  I am beginning to get the idea that the reason FB limits friends to just 5000 is because that’s all there are and the goal is to get all of them to be friends with each other.

Well, what I felt led to comment on today is the content of the postings I read.  Most of them are short re-statements of our position in Christ.  Usually little pithy sayings or teachings that remind us of what has happened for us.  That’s good, of course, but I now get about fifty of these every day.  I have fewer than 200 friends.  I can only imagine how many posts the people with 2000 friends get each day.  Why do we need to be reminded of grace so often, so regularly, and in so many ways?

You know what I mean.  It isn’t just that we like hearing the same truth over and over.  There is something more, something gratifying and justifying, in the grace message.  When I hear that Jesus has done it all for me, that I am saved without requirements, or that my sins are really washed away forever—I can pump my fist in the air in victory.  It feels good and I need it.

I guess it is easy to forget that we spend our days in a battle.  The evil one accuses us.  The world condemns us.  Our own flesh system constantly tries to take back control.  That “little voice of law” in our heads seems to confuse us.  We do need regular and numerous reminders of the truth that has set us free.  At least I do.

More tomorrow…


Your thoughts?


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2 responses to “Facebook Posts

  1. like you, I use Face Book sparingly and feel to keep posts to something authentic which will provoke a response of prayer or conviction- not just reproducing the same old [however true and valuable] in new up to the minute ways. as in all things, we need wisdom and revelation knowledge as to how our maker would have us use this tool for His glory and not to bring kudos to our name alone.
    Thank you for not wanting to add to the plethora of ” same-olds” and to yearn to share fresh revelation of Godly insight by way of testimony and teaching, rather than being one of the crowd.

  2. Dave

    Hi Dave. If I were to do it all over again, I would keep 90% of my posting to private groups, except for status updates that share a very brief encouraging thought or relevant news update as I am deeply into Bible Prophecy and The End Times. In private groups, ** when you have a group of trusted friends ** then it can be good and healthy to share on a more transparent and vulnerable level. Facebook can be a dangerous tool in the hands of the enemy. One has to exercise caution and wisdom of their use of it’s platform.

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