Preaching to the Choir

“You’re preaching to the choir, Pastor!”  In other words: “We’ve all heard it before.  We know it already.  You need to be preaching to the ones who haven’t heard.”

Two comments…

First, I have never been part of a church choir that didn’t desperately need to actually listen to the preaching.  Just because most of the members thought they had heard it all before didn’t mean they had actually opened their hearts to the message.  Church choirs can be nasty groups!  I doubt that you could find a more agreeable culture for gossip, judgmental attitudes, or adulterous affairs anywhere in the church.  So, yes, the choir still needs to hear the message.

Second, the comment should be considered.  Those who are set free do need to encourage each other, but there are so many who still need that freedom.  They are in bondage to the condemnation and guilt and they don’t know how to escape.  We have the answer because someone took the time to write or preach or share the message with us.  In fact, they probably told us many times before we actually heard it.

Or maybe you were like me.  When the time came in my life to be discouraged with lack of “progress” and a fatalistic sense of despair began creeping into my heart, I began to seek the Lord.  As I did that, He showed me more and more truth about Who He is and what He has done for me.  For a long time I would have said that I discovered this on my own, just the Lord and me.  But the truth is that the Lord used so many to plant seeds.  Some were just a little further on the journey than I was, but they told what they knew.  Sometimes we discussed these truths and we both grew.  Others were guides the Lord used, people who had led many to freedom through books or teachings.  But it was never just me.

So, ask the Lord to use you to help someone find the freedom and joy you celebrate in Him.  Don’t push, just be available.  And, when He uses you, let me know so I can rejoice with you.

And don’t forget to preach to the choir.

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