Whose Voice is It?

Someone recently asked a question like this:  “So is it my conscience or the evil one’s voice I hear accusing me?”

Does it matter?  I wonder if we err when we try to see clear distinctions between these things.  Would it matter to the evil one if your conscience condemned you?  Probably not, if you listened.  And would your conscience have been constructed in such a way that you would condemn yourself even when Jesus does not condemn you if the evil one’s influence had not moved it in that direction?  The two are connected.

In other words, as we dissect our feelings and the undesirable activity that goes on in our heads, maybe what we learn isn’t all that helpful anyway.  Someone asked this question: “If Satan starts a fire over there and you rush to put it out; then he moves to another place and you move to battle him there; and then he moves again and you go to meet him—who are you following?”

Perhaps the answer for us is simply to begin to seek the Lord’s voice.  He says that those who belong to Him know His voice.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that challenged.  For years I have argued against the idea that the Christian life is passive.  We are not under law to follow the law, but we have a long way to go to really walk in relationship with our Lord.  That’s our goal—to know Him and grow in that knowledge.  That’s where we will find freedom and peace and true joy.  In Jesus.

Our position is secure because of Him, but there is much about who we are in Him that we have yet to understand and enjoy.  Ignore any voice that condemns you and binds you, whether you think it comes from inside or outside.  Learn to follow the Savior’s voice.  That’s the only one that matters.


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3 responses to “Whose Voice is It?

  1. perhaps the first step is to
    – Meditate on the word

    – Rest

    grace and peace

  2. joni24walter

    we must not let anyone question the strength of heart which comes from God! It is important to know His voice and the ways you hear his voice. In order to follow i must know his voice !

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