Happy about Hell?

I recently read a series of posts and discussion where the initial author was lightly challenging the idea that hell was only a temporary time of discomfort for those apart from the Lord.  A couple of people wrote to encourage the author and made statements about hell being a Scriptural concept.  Then a woman wrote and gave this challenge, “Those who believe that hell is an eternal place of punishment are happy that some people are going there.  They want people to go there.”

Well, aside from that being a categorically incorrect and extremely judgmental statement, it certainly didn’t help the discussion.  When challenged, the woman backed away from what she said by simply asserting that we didn’t understand and she wouldn’t discuss it with us any further.

I think I do understand.  Some preachers do seem to enjoy the idea that people who don’t fit with their way of thinking will be in hell.  They suggest that justice will be served best by the torments of hell and there are some who deserve that justice.  They think they are honoring God by their definition of and stand for His justice.

There’s a little story about a preacher who wrote and published a booklet called, “Come to Jesus.”  The booklet was an effective outreach tool and was well received.  But sometime later the preacher found himself in a heated debate with another teacher and became very angry.  He wrote another booklet refuting the other man’s ideas and the tone was very strong and unkind.  The booklet was finished except for the title when he took it to be read by his publisher.  The publisher was shocked at the tone of the book.  When the author asked him what he thought might be an appropriate title, the publisher said, “I think you should call it: ‘Go to Hell! By the author of ‘Come to Jesus.’”

The Scripture does teach about an eternal separation from God suffered by those who refused the gift of salvation in Jesus.  But I, for one, do not enjoy the thought of anyone remaining in that condition or place.  There are people close to me who never trusted Jesus, people I love and have loved.  For their sakes, if for no other reason, I cannot teach joyfully the truth of hell.  We don’t have to want people to go to hell in order to believe the teaching.  Nor should we—not anyone—not ever.


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2 responses to “Happy about Hell?

  1. I used to be a driven believer witnessing to unbelievers because “they are going to hell” and that I will be accountable or that I will lose my salvation.

    now, effortlessly, unconsciously I talk more about Jesus more than anything else (wife can testify about that, 2am,3am in the morning we talk about Jesus, some bible study). one thing people around me notice, my mouth never stops talking about Jesus. speaking how much God loves me, us. little did I know, I was witnessing.

    some of my Christian friends would talk about the Devil. how to avoid the devil everyday. like the clothes you wear, the music you hear, the tv or movies you watch.. they are so devil conscious.

    are they hell conscious too?

    I am Jesus conscious. I am righteousness conscious, not of works but of faith. I am God’s love for me conscious, not my failing love for him.
    I am not sin conscious, but am forgiven conscious.

    over the years, thinking about Hell had given my life hell.. lol

    oh boy. I cant wait to go to heaven and see my Jesus

    grace and peace

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