What did Jesus do for us?

Recently I have had some interesting FB conversations about the atonement.  There seems to be a lot of confusion out there.  I don’t know exactly why the basic doctrines of the faith are up for grab these days.  Perhaps it has always been this way.  Perhaps the church hierarchy has been successful in keeping doctrine in the hands of the clergy and the theologians for a long time and we are only now beginning to sort these things out for ourselves.  Perhaps the church has finally become so out of touch with the heart of our faith that we are driven to these discussions among ourselves.  I don’t know.  I only know that there is a lot of ignorance being shared.  And, yes, I am concerned.

So I am going to ask and answer a simple question: “What did Jesus do for us?”  My answers will be traditional evangelical doctrine and I will try to answer any further questions you write to me.  I will share Scripture passages, but this will not be an in-depth theological discussion.  Instead, I think the message of the cross is wonderfully good news and I hope you find these answers to be practical and encouraging.  You see, I believe that right doctrine is a blessing to the people of God.

It was wrong doctrine that brought most of us into bondage.  The idea that our sins were not fully forgiven.  The idea that we had to work hard to measure up so we could deserve what Jesus offered.  The idea that we might lose what He has given if we don’t do things just right or confess our failures often enough.  When they said we had to go to a certain church, dress a certain way, read a certain Bible version, and do certain things in order to be “really saved,” they were teaching wrong doctrine.

Right doctrine sets us free!

So, watch over the next couple of weeks for some helpful things and pray for me as I put these together.  Please.

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