Grace and Heart

(This blog will be offline for a couple of weeks while I travel.  Please enjoy these posts from the archives.  Feel free to comment or ask questions.  I will be able to respond when I return.)


What does grace have to do with the heart?

Sadly, for many believers, not much.  But the truth is that there is a longing in our hearts to be accepted and loved.  When that love is tied to our performance, our hearts ache in despair.  We know that we don’t measure up.  Even Christians who know that they are saved still struggle with knowing that they are loved by God.  So many have been taught that they can make God love them by doing good things and avoiding bad things.  When they do the good things, they don’t feel more loved and they find it very hard to avoid the bad things.  The longing of their hearts is not satisfied. 

 I believe that we were made for a heart-to-heart relationship with Jesus.  From the beginning, Adam and Eve walked in the presence and love of God.  Through Christ, that relationship has been restored and the Almighty God has made Himself personal to us in Jesus.  But this is a heart relationship.  The need of the heart is fulfilled by the person of Jesus.  In Him we find our joy, our acceptance, our purpose, our strength, and everything else our heart desires.  Jesus is God’s Grace for the Heart!

(Quick note: today – May 31, 2012 –  my beautiful wife and I celebrate 37 years together!  It has been good!)

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  1. Kelly

    Congratulations Dave to you and your wife for 37 years together. What a great testimony and praise to God’s goodness and blessing of marriage! On today’s post I would like to share that a friend of mine yesterday shared two little jewels with me…Christ in me is a source of comfort for me WITHOUT regrets…and I can always count on that. She also shared that we are really good at DOING and not so good at just BEING. I think again that Mary and Martha exemplify that.

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