Your Eternal Life

Let’s think about what it would mean to be eternal.  It isn’t the same as immortal.  Those who live forever forward from a certain point in time are said to be immortal.  That means they will never die.  We, because of Jesus, are immortal.  But there is more than immortality in us.

To be eternal is to be outside of time, no beginning and no end.  It is to be separate from creation altogether, different.  To be eternal is to be God.  The angels are not eternal.  The evil one is not eternal.  Only God is eternal.  There never was a time when the Lord was not and there never will be a time when the Lord will not be.  He is.  That’s what He told Moses that day at the burning bush.  He is the One who is.

To be eternal is to live in the present always.  God sees the past and the future and He is there.  He is with Abraham and He is at the end of this world.  He is with us whenever we are.

This is the life that is in you and me.  Eternal life, the life of Jesus, is our life.  The energy and purpose and essence that flows in us is this eternal life.  And we are locked in the present with Jesus forever.

Now here’s the exciting part: this means that everything from your past is cleansed by your present and healed for your future.  The sins of past, present and future are already forgiven and already washed away.  Whatever was promised is already yours and whatever was broken has been restored.

The joy of eternal life is not something we have to wait for, it is something we have.  Eternal life does not begin when we die.  Eternal life began in the presence of Jesus.  There is something wonderful here, something that cleanses and restores and frees.


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